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Date archive: June 2014

The Perfect Shooting Position

It is gratifying to see one’s camera techniques being copied by others. Like this young lady who has obviously seen me work, as she is adopting one of my favourite shooting positions. Although I must admit I have not been able to get into this one for a few years now!!

How Time Flies

My youngest son, Johnny or JP, is 21 today!! My goodness how quick kids grow up. It seems only a year or two ago when he would come and sit on my knee for a cuddle. Good job he doesn’t now as he’s over 6ft. Happy 21st Son!!

‘They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To’

Well that’s how the old catchphrase goes, and its so true in many respects. HMS Dauntless, the new Type 45 destroyer, is in Liverpool this week for the Mersey River Festival. A impressive ship but she does not share the lines we expect for traditional warships. Flat, irregular and angular surfaces make her almost invisible…


Occasionally I see an image that’s so good I have to share it with you. Just look at this amazing image by James Morgan. It features Captain Kevin Oprey of the Cunard liner, Queen Mary 2, standing on its bow’s stem bulb. What a stunning shot, the lines of this magnificent ship are truly awesome….

A Warm Welcome

Its lovely when I visit a club and it feels just right as soon as I walk in. Friendly people help me to set up, the talk goes well with the audience laughing at the right bits and all enjoying my images. Well this happened again on Thursday when I visited Hoylake and West Kirby…

Fish Flavours From Finland

Still thinking about the superb gravalax I had for lunch in Helsinki Fish market last week. Gravlax is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill. It is usually served as an appetizer, sliced thinly and accompanied by hovmästarsås, a dill and mustard sauce. Well this stall had four subtley different…