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Date archive: January 2015

Excellent Teach Meet Wirral Night

Great night, was amazed how many primary school teachers were at Bidston Ave Primary tonight with some super presentations. So many enthusiastic and passionate folk sharing good practice between schools. My own short presentation was well received and I gave out a few leaflets, so I hope to hear back from some new schools. I even got…

Teach Meet Wirral

Looking forward to giving a short presentation at Wirral’s Teach Meet on Wed 28th Jan at Bidston Avenue Primary, Birkenhead. These are Teaching CPD events held across the UK, where teachers, governors, advisors and consultants attend to share great ideas and their passion to develop learning and teaching in their schools. I hope to make some new…

Penguin Awareness Day

  I hope you all remembered January 20th was PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY, the day we think about the 17 species that live in some of the wildest, remotest and fragile environments in the southern hemisphere. So give some thought to these amazing birds, even though this posting is slightly belated. Hope you like the illustration.

First Off And Last Back On

When I set out to photograph some of the world’s most amazing places, I aim to get there before the hordes of tourists arrive, or stay until they have all gone – I do not take pictures of sightseers!! Several in the audience during a recent talk remarked and laughed at this throw away line,…

Marlborough College Summer School 2015

The brochure is out and bookings are now being taken for the Marlborough College Summer School, now into it’s 40th season. I am delighted to be part of this wonderful cultural event, presenting my WANDERLUST Course from Mon 3rd to Fri 7th August. You will see thousands of my images from far flung destinations, from the polar regions to…

Happy New Year

So another year has gone. The widely accepted adage is true, ‘the older you get the quicker time passes by’. I hope you all have an exciting, rewarding and prosperous 2015, and look forward to meeting, conversing and working with you again.