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Great Stuff Ladies – Keep It Up!!

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Great Stuff Ladies – Keep It Up!!

Since early 2016 I have seen a significant increase in the number of ‘girls’ and women signing up for my Photography Courses and Workshops. It has been fantastic having them on board, learning new photo skills and having lots of fun. And quite a few have been very talented with an eye for a good picture.

I think the advent of compact cameras and lighter DSLR bodies and lenses has helped to bring more women into photography. For decent quality images one no longer has to carry heavy camera bodies and massive lenses. I am even starting to find my own camera bodies and 16-35mm, 35-70mm, 100-400mm lenses a pain to carry.

Ladies of all ages have joined me over the last 18 months or so, from two sisters aged 12 and 14 to a couple of ladies at Marlborough College Summer School last week, both in their mid 70’s. Mostly from England, but one was from Spain, one from France, one from Ireland, also a Canadian, a Scot and a Welsh lady – a truly international field!

The images above show Carola, Jennifer, Sue, Amy, Maria, Lynda, Frances, Liz, Gillian, Nicky, Tiffany, Estelle, Fiona, Bev, Amelia, Lee, Helen, Sharon and Rachael.

So here’s to more women joining my Sep 2018 photo courses and workshops in Cheshire and Somerset. The more the merrier!!

Great stuff Ladies. Keep it up!!

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