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DBSCheckedLogoSmall2I hold a DBS Enhanced Certificate.  I regularly present Illustrated Talks and Workshops to Primary and Secondary Schools across the UK. To date, I have visited schools in Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North & South Wales, Cumbria, Shropshire, Yorkshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, WiltshireOxfordshire, Middlesex and Surrey.


SchoolSpeakersProtocolLogo2I am also registered with two of the UK’s top agencies providing speakers and workshop tutors for schools, FE colleges and universities throughout the UK – School Speakers and Protocol. You can read my current Profile on the School Speakers website.

Through my presentations, school pupils of all ages can ‘explore, experience and discover’ the remarkable places I have visited, the unique wildlife I have seen, the amazing people encountered, and the experience I have gleaned from over 30+ years of travel. In addition to enhancing subject teaching, my illustrated talks entertain, inspire and provoke deeper thinking by pupils on relevant issues. I can provide talks for individual classes, year forms plus inspirational assembly presentations for the whole school.


Primary Schools

PeppyMumbleI am regularly asked to speak in primary schools on the landscapes, environment and wildlife of the Polar Regions as the Frozen Planet Creative Curriculum is now in place for schools in England. I offer 10 Polar Themed illustrated talks for KS1/2 and KS3/4 pupils.


Presenting to young school children is very rewarding as they are so enthusiastic, always ask pertinent questions and give wonderful, honest feedback. Scroll through the Endorsements pages, and have a look at some of the lovely comments I have received from 6 and 7 year olds.


Please contact me to discuss your primary school’s requirements. I also work with teachers to create bespoke talks and courses to fit in with their school’s curriculum.


PrimarySchoolTalksBrochureCover2017-18SmallI have created 24 Primary School Illustrated Talks for schoolchildren at KS1 to KS2 level, and several talks are also available for Reception classes. Talks are based around 15 – 30 min modules for Reception and 30 – 45 min modules for KS1 and KS2, but can be modified to suit individual school requirements. Download the Jan 2017 version of the new 2017/18 Brochure here  PRIMARY SCHOOL ILLUSTRATED TALKS


Schoolchildren often send me copies of drawings they have created after my talks as part of ongoing school projects. I particularly enjoy their penguin pictures inspired by my ‘Antarctica – A Really Cool Place’ talks. Here are some samples of the wonderful images I have received and seen in the schools, including a drawing of myself among the penguins (5th from left on top row). The details and colours they capture in the birds’ plumage are quite outstanding – a total delight!!


Secondary Schools and 6th Forms

SecondarySchoolTalksBrochureCoverJan2017small31 Illustrated Talks are currently available for Secondary Schools and FE Colleges in 45, 60 or 75 min modules, with the latter in two parts with a break. Talks can be adapted to meet individual school curriculum or project requirements for KS 3KS 4 pupils up to 6th Form groups. Download the new 2017/18 Brochure here SECONDARY SCHOOL ILLUSTRATED TALKS 

My programmes are flexible to meet individual school requirements, from single to multi presentations or workshops over several visits. For example, in July 2015 I presented a series of 3 talks and workshops at St John Plessington Catholic College, Bebington, Wirral, to their Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) participants in Year 9; I also present a week of illustrated talks at Wirral Grammar School for Boys at the end of their Summer Term.




TheHeatIsOnTitleAdvertSmallThe negative effects of mankind’s activities on the ‘health’ of our planet, which include; global warming, pollution, threatened species survival and eco-system destruction, are now studied in GCSE, BTEC and A level curriculums.

I offer a number of talks for 14 – 18 year old pupils which touch on these themes, and have written a new illustrated workshop and presentation based on my talk, ‘THE HEAT IS ON’.

I recently ran two sessions to over a hundred Year 10 science pupils at Christleton High School, near Chester. Feedback was very positive from staff and pupils and the presentations included and supported the themes which are covered in the GCSE curriculum work. I will be repeating these sessions next year.






6thFormTalksAdvertV2I particularly enjoy presenting to 6th Form Students in schools and colleges, but adapt my talks as Illustrated Discussions to develop interaction with the more mature audiences. My week long residency with 6th formers at Wirral Grammar School for Boys in summer term will be in its 5th season in 2017.

I have also given two Friday Guest Lecture presentations to 6th Formers at Birkenhead School. My new Wanderlust talk had its ‘premiere’ at Birkenhead School on Fri 21st Nov 2014. Feedback was very positive from pupils and staff.

I now look forward to working on further presentations to 6th Formers, and to the Prep and Senior School pupils during 2017/18. Contact us now to arrange an Illustrated Discussion for your school or college 6th Form group.  





Supporting Initiatives and Projects

Many of my Illustrated Talks and Courses support the following OrganisationsUK School Initiatives and Projects and can help schools achieve scheme recognition, credits and awards. For example, in July 2015, I ran three illustrated workshops with pupils on their Duke of Edinburgh award at St John Plessington Catholic College. Further details of initiatives and projects supported are given in the downloadable School Talks Brochures.SchoolProjects

I also regularly attend and present to teachers’ CPD Events, such as the recent TEACH MEET events in Wirral and Liverpool. This enables me to see some of the new and inspiring ways teachers are engaging with their pupils, and it also gives me the chance to make new school contacts for future bookings.