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Wonder of Winchester Cathedral

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Wonder of Winchester Cathedral

I have just returned from a brief visit to Winchester in Hampshire. Yesterday afternoon I delivered two workshops – ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’  to Politics students at Winchester University.

With a few hours free this morning before my catching my train back home, I had a look around Winchester Cathedral, a stunning building which has the longest nave of any Gothic cathedral in Europe. The height of the nave is also impressive – one of the tallest. I visited Anthony Gormley‘s ‘Sound II’ sculpture in the cathedral’s crypt – a standing figure with cupped hands – in the most serene of settings. During prolonged wet weather the crypt fills up naturally, with water from the chalk river bed beneath the crypt. The last time the crypt filled with water was three years ago, so it is a special event.

Later, whilst walking around the nave, I noticed a fine sculpture of a ‘King’, strikingly illuminated by a shaft of sunlight. The Verger informed me that this was King James VI of Scotland aka King James I of England.

I could have spent many more time taking photographs but had to leave after a couple of hours to start my journey back to the Wirral. A great morning though and hopefully some good shots.

I hope you enjoy this selection of images taken in this gothic architectural gem, which looked so special on a cold, but bright and sunny late November morning.

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