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There’s Something About Ships

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There’s Something About Ships

Over the last few days I have been posting my images of the 3 Cunard Queens in Liverpool over the bank holiday weekend. It’s extraordinary how many views these images have had on Facebook and LinkedIn, over 450 in total, which is a record for me.

It is certainly nice to have your images appreciated but it got me thinking that there is something special about ships that stirs all our souls – the romance of sailing. The sight of these massive liners gliding across the water brought tears and memories for many who lived and once worked along the river. There weren’t many dry eyes in the crowds on Wirral’s shoreline when the 3 Queens let their almighty ship’s horns sound as they sailed up the Mersey. Magnificent.

So thanks to all of you who have shared my photographs and memories of this historic event for Liverpool AND Merseyside!!

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