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What’s The Chance Of That Happening?

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What’s The Chance Of That Happening?

I was in Port Sunlight today with my photography class so the students could practise the theory learned over the previous two weeks. Whilst there we noticed another photographer taking shots of a lady beside a beautiful Nissan Figaro car.

I went over and chatted to Ruth and she informed me this was a shoot for a Car Collectors’ Calendar. I introduced myself and she exclaimed, “oh my god you are the Brian Anderson” then excitedly beckoned her photographer friend over.

It turned out he was also a professional photographer called Brian Anderson, but based in Edinburgh. We had never met before but had checked out each other’s website a year or two back. Everyone was quite amazed and we all had a chat and took a group photo before going our separate ways.

What’s the chance of that happening – two scottish photographers called Brian Anderson, bumping into each other in Port Sunlight? Amazing!!

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