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Marvellous Moments at Marlborough College Summer School (MCSS)

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Marvellous Moments at Marlborough College Summer School (MCSS)

Just back from my second annual visit to MCSS, and what a great week it was. I met some wonderful people over the six days, staff, fellow tutors and course attendees.

My course ‘THE HEAT IS ON’, about the Anthropocene, went well with some positive feedback from a small but enthusiastic group who enjoyed discussing the climate change/global warming issues after each afternoon’s sessions. Thanks must also go to the 90+ audience who enjoyed my illustrated lecture, ‘Images From The Edge, Part 2’ on Tuesday night, which took us to Galapagos, Nubia, Petra, Macchu Piccu and Victoria Falls.

The entertainment laid on for week 4 was excellent and varied, from viola, piano and organ recitals, a folk concert, to an ‘ELVIS’ concert by Lee Jackson last night which was quite brilliant. All in all, a fantastic week, and I look forward to my next visit to MCSS in 2017.

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