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My ‘Covent Garden Debut’

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My ‘Covent Garden Debut’

I have just returned from a working trip to London, presenting illustrated talks to 100 schoolchildren at a primary school in Sutton, and to 120 adults afflicted withwanderlust in Covent Garden.

The Year 2 and 6 pupils were wonderful and so enthusiastic, enjoying my travel and wildlife images from some hot and cold places around the world. The managed to answer the children’s questions which were imaginative and searching, until one 7 year old girl asked me ‘how do you tell boy elephants from girl elephants?’ Well, I just managed to keep a straight face and left the teachers to deflect that one.

The big event of my trip was presenting ‘IMAGES FROM THE EDGE – the Cold Version’ to the London Globetrotters Club at the Crown Court Church of Scotland in Covent Garden. Over 120 members and guests attended my ‘Covent Garden debut’, all well-travelled individuals, who seemed to enjoy my images and travel anecdotes from the polar regions – laughing at all the right bits.  A super afternoon and I look forward to visiting them all again in 2017.

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