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‘Picturing Poems’

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‘Picturing Poems’

It’s always good to meet new and interesting people. One chap I met recently was Wes Magee, poet and children’s author who has published 6 collections of poems for adults and 90 + books for children. His poetry is rich and evocative, and often very funny.

We got chatting about poetry and I told him about the ‘Picturing Words’ sessions I run with schoolchildren, encouraging them to write haiku poems inspired by my images. Well one thing led to another and I suggested to Wes that perhaps we could combine his poems with my images.

This is my image of a red fox which Wes believes ‘perfectly complements’ his verse from The Woodland Haiku. published in 1996. We are both very keen to work on further images and verse together – so you never know what this could lead to.

You can read about Wes and his work on his website at : wesmagee.com


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