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Some performers take to drink, others take to audiences

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Some performers take to drink, others take to audiences

…. to paraphrase the famous quote by Gore Vidal. Or another great audience quote, this one by P T Barnum, Every crowd has a silver lining.’

My business is all about communicating with or performing to audiences through my lectures, workshops and courses. I am fortunate, I enjoy interacting with people, which is just as well.

My audiences range from school pupils of 5-6 years up to secondary KS4; 6th formers, university students; adults in businesses; residential colleges; professional or social groups. I always try to inform, entertain and stimulate my audiences so they can experience and learn new things, but most of all, interact and enjoy themselves.

Over the last 12+ years I have presented on ice-breakers, in schools, theatres, community halls, churches, galleries, & museums. However, if I am close enough to my audiences to engage with them, any venue will do just fine.

So this post is a celebration of my audiences over many years, and a thank you for their warmth, interaction, humour, support and motivation.

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